High Love

Tell me you want me to think
You can lead me to water
You can make me drink
I trust you if you say it’s good
You wouldn’t hurt me and I don’t think you could
Tell me what I don’t need to keep
I over-packed and the sidewalk is steep
To your cathedral at the top of Nob Hill
It makes me tired
And dear, it always will

Tell me why I haven’t been healed
I haven’t changed and nothings been revealed
And what’s in the blood of the way and the light
That takes my sin Sunday morning and
makes me drunk at night

The sweet young man
Goes walking down the street wiping blood off his hands
And it doesn’t look good but he does what he can
To erase the signs
Of the nightmare he faced at the scene of the crime
She snuck up behind him
As he knelt by her victim
She whispered I knew you’d come
But there’s nothing to be done
And if I were you I’d run
‘Cause no one cares
About how you felt
When they see any sign of guilt
You kissed it’s face
You held it’s hand
You always were a sweet young man

He’s still a mess
So he hires a car
To take him to the fountain at Balboa park
Where he used to play
When he was young
He’s gonna wash off in front of God and everyone


I’m back in the moment where I belong
Turns out four years was four years too long
Its over and I’m over it
She sang me a song that I wrote for her
Then she said I like the tune but not the words
Its over and I’m over it
You collected the moments I threw away
Said to yourselves he’s gonna want them back
The day it’s over
And he’s over it

Friends let’s drink ‘til our hearts break open
And our hands feel empty
Though they’re full all the time
It’s so nice in here I’m so glad you’re here
Can we just stay here all the time

Walk me home we’ll watch the sun come up
Don’t leave me alone ‘cause I’ve been left enough
It’s over I’ll get over it

Friends let’s drink to my indiscretions
I woke up with a number and a name
That I don’t want that I won’t use again
But would you proofread any messages I send
‘Til it’s over and I’m over it


O woman, I’m your servant
I don’t know anything but I’m ready to learn
O woman, I’m starving for your approval
Be kind to me

The big city calls and your daughters are smiling
In the windows of apartment buildings
I bet I look about as small as I feel

Thank you Jesus, can I have another
And another
Thank you Lord
But if it pleases thee to have them
Banging down the door
Couldst thou let ‘em know what they’re in for
Ain’t good for you or me or them

O woman I’m your servant
Asking for the right to look you in the eye
O woman I’m dying for you to notice
How far I’ve come
I’m moving downtown and your
Daughters are walking by me
I believe they’re still deciding
If they like having me around
If they like having me around
I need to know why

Goodwill’s coming by to collect a box
I filled with things I hate about myself
Things I liked before I got here
Then it’ll pick her up and we’ll do
Anything she wants or anything they want
Or anything you want o woman I don’t care

Lord I’d be in your debt
If you’d help me forget
That heaven’s mine for trying

'Cause lord I don't know why
You’d give me so much life
To live resigned to dying


I’m coming back my friends
From the deep and bitter end
Where I was so concerned
That we would be the ones who burned
The more scared the safer
The more grateful for the grape juice
And the wafer

I sound done
And I feel done
But I’m not done
Unless he’d give up on a lost son

I need to hear him say
You and your friends can come in
Your thoughts and that girl can come in
Your parents and brothers are here
I let them in
Who told you I wouldn’t let you all in
You are my children

Heaven shine through the stars
The city lights and the nearest bar
Where I’ll be with my friends
Hiding from the bitter end
The armor and the weapons
Were a strange way to show them my affection

I sound done
And I feel done
But I’m not done
Unless you’d give up on a lost son

I watch you braid your hair

You’re from another time

When the earth wasn’t so angry

And God was on our side

The one thing worse than nothing said
Is two hearts howling like they’re going mad
And I know I can’t handle that
Cause I’m fumbling fake and a fucking fool
And that’s why I can’t fall in love with you
And why to and fro are all I do

So Buffalo Girl, put on your dress
I know how you hate to see me like this

A waste

of paint

of tape

of time